Meet Jason

Your new boy next-door crush. He’s tall, lean, has dark brown hair and a warm charming smile. Jason can be a little quiet at first, but it’s worth the wait when you hear his sweet southern accent.

Jason is a small-town farm boy from East Texas. He’s the perfect combination of wall-street meets gentleman and is proof that chivalry isn’t dead. In high school he exceled at pole vaulting in track and field. In fact, he was so good he was ranked as third best in the world.

Unfortunately, Jason had to turn down scholarships from universities such as Florida State and Notre Dame due to a hip flexor injury. Always having an interest in acting and modeling, Jason soon turned his eye in that direction. He currently does runway, stage, and has been featured in numerous commercials. Interested yet?

A year and a half ago, Jason walked into LaBare Dallas after his father told him he had always wanted to work there. With his good work ethic and polite attitude, Jason was immediately accepted into the La Bare family. Jason’s easy-going attitude and stunning good looks made him a crowd favorite in no time.

In his free time Jason enjoys the little things in life. He likes to ride his horse, and sit by a fire on a cool night. He also loves to box and shoot guns.

For his future Jason wants to compete in pole vaulting in the Olympics. He has begun training again, and plans on placing high enough to be a contender in the Olympic Trials in Oregon. He is also saving to start his own ranch and would like to travel the world.

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