Damian’s Features

Height: 5’9

Weight: 200lbs

Hair: Light brown

Eyes: Hazel

Best Feature: If you ask the girls from the club, they’ll tell you “ass and legs” lol so I just go by what they say since they’re the ones doing all of the judging ;D

Sexiest Part of a Woman: Gah, what isn’t sexy on a woman? They’re the most beautiful creatures that have ever existed! I’m weak for girls with pretty eyes, a warm smile supported by thick lucious lips, and endless laughter.

Turn Ons: Have you ever encountered a woman and witnessed that gentle glance with the warm smile, followed by the subtle swipe to the place her hair behind her ear trick during conversations? Gets me every time! Lol

Turn Offs: Women who think they deserve respect/attention after acting like a fool. It’s not cute boo boo, slow your roll! Or ones who think so highly of themselves that they try to treat you like you’re their pet and say shit like “Imma’ make you work for this dollar.” There is also another favorite: “What are you going to do to earn this dollar?” Does spartan kicking you from my main stage count as an effort to earn “this” dollar? If the answer is no, walk away lol

Ambition: A better life for my daughter Azlynn 🙂 I’ve never really had any dreams or life time goals for myself but to see others succeed. I don’t know why… I’m easily bored so I just do what I’m good at. But now, since I actually have something to live for, I’m going to do everything I can to open her eyes to the world and be her pedestal so she can reach the stars.

Favorite Type of Food: Sweets! I was a fat kid back in the day lol I may have lost the weight, but my sweet tooth will never subside! Like, I’m that guy that still goes trick or treating at Halloween getting pillow cases of candy! MWHAHAHAH

Favorite LaBare Moment: My amateur night. The adrenaline rush was unreal… I felt like I mattered to people for a full minute lol it’s an unexplainable feeling, but a feeling like that is rarely felt, unknown to others.

Damien Biography:

Instead of just explaining and giving numerous amounts of detail and examples about how awesome I am (totally joking lol), I’m just going to tell my story on how I ended up at LaBare and how it picked me up off my feet!

After graduating from high school, I made haste to register myself into Collin County College as a full time student to get my associates degree until I could figure out what I was interested in pursuing(besides an immense amount of video games lol). On top of going to school full time, I was working four part-time jobs. I was still living with my parents at the time, so I didn’t  have to worry about too many bills or a roof over my head.

Everything was going extremely well! I was making all A’s and getting a lot of promotions at my main occupation(hip hop instructor), until one day my dad and I got into a small confrontation that turned my whole world upside down. Neither of us at fault, just didn’t agree on the same things. My car ended up turning into my new home, and school felt like the hardest priority to focus on. I got fired from two jobs and my studio at where I taught closed down due to foreclosure or “insufficient funds”.

I dropped out of school, and slowly allowed the world to break me down. My mom, who lives in Arizona, called me, asking how life was treating me(how ironic right? It’s like they know!) I tried to lie. I wanted to tell her that her baby boy was taking the world head on and becoming successful just like his mom wanted him to be. Her worrying about me would only add to my stress. Unfortunately, my mom could hear the pain in my voice as soon as I picked up the phone… It’s like she knew EXACTLY what to ask me, to persuade me to break. She asked me: “What are you going to do about a job, food, shelter, etc.?” I replied in frustration: “I don’t know” followed by a long drawn out sigh. We sat there in a moment of silence. My mom clears her throat and says.: “Brandon, I know how it looks right now, but you are my son, and I raised you better than to just roll over and die. You will be something great and I will always be your biggest fan.” I choked back on tears. Feeling ashamed that I was thinking of giving up, I didn’t know how to reply. All I could get out was: “ Mom, what do I do? I’m so lost… scared. I have nothing.”

After a lengthy conversation, my mom was actually the one that recommended LaBare to me. She said it wasn’t ideal for me, but she doesn’t want to see me struggle and knows it’s a way to make some quick cash for food and other necessities. I didn’t waste any time and called LaBare to get info on the hiring process. I didn’t have a lot of money left, so I bought packages of tuna and cucumbers(broke people diet lol) to try and put a little weight on so I didn’t look like I have been starving for weeks.

Finally, it was Thursday. I woke up to the sun gleaming through my windshield, and my stomach complaining that I was neglecting it’s needs. I made my way to my usual CVS and purchased a small bag of jellybeans(my comfort food lol). I then, waited until the sun retired to let the moon rise high into the sky and bring the night sky. I drove to LaBare, anxious, excited, and almost relieved because it was a sense of direction. I wasn’t wandering aimlessly around in the dark praying to God to take my life before my time, and away from what I felt was eternal torture. I took a step to change my future. Whether it was the right or wrong one. I was so grateful to be heading somewhere instead of nowhere.

Nervously walking to the front door, I made my way through the loud music and small chatter to find the nearest table to stealth from the crowd. I patiently sat and observed all the entertainers sets/acts to pick up anything I could use. I studied what they did to entertain the crowd and noticed that not my any actually “danced”, but more just acted out women’s fantasy’s. “That is going to be my advantage”, I thought to myself. Not only did I teach hip hop, but I’m a self taught street dancer. That was to be my strength… What made me unique compared to the rest of them.

A half naked gentlemen pulled a few others as well as myself, to the back to start the hiring process which was what they called “Amateur Night”. He briefly laid down the rules of the stage, and asked us what names we wanted to be introduced by. I didn’t know what to expect, so I made sure to go last to watch the competition go first! I’m watching these poor guys trip all over themselves and try to win the crowd with these awful pushups, cartwheels, pants getting stuck around their ankles, dancing and slipping around in their socks because that was the only way they could take there pants off. It was awful… I started getting a little nervous.

The DJ announced my name, and something just took over me. All of my fear, anxiety, stress, and anger flushed out of my body. Heartbeat heightened, palms sweating, and muscles pumped with blood. I felt unbeatable… I felt like i was on top of the world. Adrenaline rush I experienced was unreal, something I could never explain in words. All these women were watching me… no one else. It was my time to shine and I wasted no time to give everything I had. I felt like I was up there for 30 minutes straight, but a minute after I started dancing the DJ called me off of stage to get back in line. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care… The anticipation was killing me! Who won? I won? I did? I won! I walked to the back and fell to my knees… exhausted from my journey. I did it. I wouldn’t have to live in my car anymore. I can make money to get a home. I can make money to eat. I can do this!

A chapter in my life that I will never forget… the pain and depression morphed me into a better person. I overcame what I thought had beat me. I promised myself I would never give up again. I’ll keep fighting until my life escapes me. As funny as it sounds, LaBare changed my life and I am so grateful for the brotherhood that I have found.
Appreciate your interest and patience :),

We Asked Damien 10 Random Questions and Here is What He Answered:

If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
Sloth… Hands down, sloths are so bomb! Sleep 16-18 hours a day then spend the other 4-6 hours finding an even better place to sleep lol! 😀

What is one thing that annoys you the most?
Chomping. I strongly loathe people who chomp on their food like they’re a freaking goat -.- I’ve even bitch slapped my best friend out of reflex for smacking on his cereal… I felt bad, but he never did it again lol

If you could teach any grade or subject what would it be?
I would want to teach younger kids. I use to teach hip hop to kids ages 8+, and I love how passionate they are about everything they do. Alway’s excited and have no fear to try something new! If I had to pick a subject: English! Nothing is more interesting than having a young imagination pour their ideas and images on a piece of paper to reveal the wonders of their brain to the world.

What is your best feature?
I get a lot of compliments on my eyes, but by far I think everyone favors my ass and legs! And with this whole “twerking” era going on, it would seem I’m packing junk in all of the right places! Lol

How old were you when you had the worst hair cut ever what hair style was it?
Okay sooooooo, the whole sisqo hairstyle was in when I was younger… I would say around the age of 10-ish? So I decided that in order to be the cool kid on the block, I had to be the first to complete this hairstyle of epicness! Of course my mom helped with the coloring and such, so my confidence was high and ready! After completing the necessary time to keep the color in my hair, my mom unraveled what I thought would be my beautiful “hip” new look… Instead, she bursts out out laughing which makes me lunge to a full sprint to the nearest mirror. I look in horror… I have blonde cheetah spots in my hair!

What advice did you get that was the most rewarding?
My Nana was about 98 years of age, me, roughly 7 or 8? I don’t know why I remember it so vividly, but I recall walking down the patio stairs, seeing my Nana off by herself sitting at one of the picnic tables. I ambushed her from behind and she shrieked, followed by a hysterical laugh(I almost thought I killed her lol). She looked as if she had recently been crying. I asked her if she wanted me to bring her one of my toys to play with to get her in a better mood. She smiles, places her hands ever so gently on my shoulders and says: “I want you to be brave… Courageous. You protect anyone and everyone close to your heart with everything that you are. Promise me you will be brave, Brandon.” I nodded in confusion, and asked if she was going anywhere. She held me for a second, chuckled, patted me on the head then sent me on my way. She passed away the next day.

If you could change one thing about your looks what would it be?
If I could change anything about my looks, I would make my nose smaller lol I feel like if it enters the room before I do, there is an issue!

Who is your favorite super hero and why?
Superman! Not because he is the most powerful superhero ever created, but for everything he stands for. Making the tough calls, putting himself in the face of danger to save an innocent, believing in the power of family, and protecting people no matter their stature. A natural born leader that truly understands the meaning and risks of sacrifice. Someone who has faith that everything will get better and places his hope in the greater good.

What fashion trend do you just not get?
I don’t know if it’s because I can’t find jeans to fit over my ass and thighs to save my life, but I just don’t understand skinny jeans on guys! I mean, not only do their legs look like they will buckle and snap at the hint of a breeze or gust of wind, but they’re walking around all cocky when there are FEMALES walking around with the same pants on, with BIGGER legs LOL cracks me up!

If you could choose your nickname what would it be?
D-Rex lol all of my friends tell me that I have big tree trunks for legs and little arms! Which makes me look like a T-rex I guess? 😛 like they always ask me if I had any trouble making my bed every morning since my arms can’t reach anything -.- RUDE! lol