Brett Features

Height:  5’10
Weight: 185lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Best feature: the whole package

Turn ons: Happiness, intelligence , eyes,  legs, butt, and long straight hair

Turns off: Fake, complaining alot, stuck up ,

My favorite Labare moment: All of them but more specifically winning the Angelo cup;


Brett’s Bio

One of the most professional,  energetic,  and smoothest entertainers in the world, Brett Michaels will keep you on the edge of your chair when he is on stage. Brett has a body most guys only dream of, sculpted to almost perfection through hard work and dedication.  Brett is a 4 time male entertainer of the year winning 5 different national stripoffs, including the 2012 Angelo cup,  against dancer’s from all over the country.  Brett is as nice and charming off stage as he is on always sporting a smile.

A true veteran at LaBare Dallas, Brett knows how to please. Brett has performed all over the world, rocking the house where ever he goes. Brett is no stranger to the spot light – he has a huge modeling resume, landing such things like multiple fitness mag covers, Romance novel covers, billboards , fitness commercials and calendars.

Brett’s passions include dancing , working out , and helping others achieve their dreams as well. Brett has a Nutrition degree and is a certified Personal trainer. He has helped hundreds of people work towards their goals and dreams of better health and weight loss.  Brett is also a well known Zumba and dance fitness instructor and choreographer in Dallas, and has gotten to perform and teach at big conferences and different states in the U.S.  According to Brett, living the dance life is a dream come true, you meet and perform with the best people. In a woman Brett looks for inner quality such as a good personality, no drama, and easy going and laid back, some one who loves life.

The first thing Brett notices is a woman’s smile , and he loves a woman with dimples.  Brett lives life to the fullest, loving every moment and believes you need to smile everyday. Brett is a featured and prime time dancer at La Bare Dallas, so bring in your birthday girls or bachelorettes and come say Hi. Brett loves to meet new people, so don’t be nervous to approach him or better yet hire Brett for your next private party for any occasion – you will not be disappointed. Come on in and see why he is set apart from the rest.

We asked Brett 10 Random Questions and Here is What He Answered:

What is your favorite hero, if any?
My favorite super hero is Super Man because he represents true power and good

Describe yourself in 3 words?
Fun , ambitious, awesome

What is your favorite movie quote?
My favorite Movie quote ” come with me if you want to live”  the Terminator

What is something you like to do during the summer the most?
My favorite summer activity is going on adventures or anything out of the house

Do you have a Dream Job?
Already have it now at LaBare. If I was given a chance to do something else, it would be to travel the whole world and make money teaching dance fitness to everyone. Would love to teach and learn cultures through dancing and perform in front of thousands of people.

What store do you shop at most?
Whole foods. Your body is your temple!

What was your favorite book in childhood?
My favorite books growing up were the whole Harry Potter series. I felt in love with the series as the books tell a great story. Still love this book even today as Harry Potter teaches kids that life is rough and won’t be all sugar plums and fairy tales, even if you do have magic spells to clean your room.

What is your favorite Cartoon, if any?
My favorite cartoon is South Park

If you were to pick up the most delightful word, what word would it be for you?
The most delightful word i can think of is Delightful =)

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