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Axl’s Features: Height: 6’ 0” Weight: 235 Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Best feature: That depends on who you ask. I think I have decent shoulders. Sexiest part of a woman: Her personality. Turn ons: People that are positive. Turn offs: People that are negative. Hobbies: Writing, working out, boxing, shooting guns, aerial silks, reading, researching, […]



Meet Adonis Height: 5’-10” Weight: 190Lbs Hair: Dark Brown Eyes: Dark Brown Best Feature: Clearly my abs, pss have you see them? They are hard & tone, they look like blocks lol JK My brain is by far my best “not too visible” feature. Sexiest part of a woman: I have to say the waist. […]



Cesar the Crowd Pleaser Height: 5’7” Weight: 162 lbs Hair: Black Eyes: Brown Best Feature: Patience Sexiest part of a Woman: Her mind Turns Ons: Sense of Humor Turn Offs: Ignorance Hobbies: Firearms, Card Games, Sports, Dancing, Photo Editing, Music Editing, Conversation, and Traveling. Ambition: Retire early off of my investments and travel the world […]