Randy Ricks


Height: 6’
Weight:  205
Hair:  Brown
Eyes: Smoldering Green


BEST FEATURE:                                        Those eyes

SEXIEST PART OF A WOMAN:               Her brain and her heart

TURN ONS:                                                A woman who can carry on an intelligent conversation

TURN OFFS:                                              Negativity

HOBBIES:                                                  Dabbling in the oil and gas business

FAVORITE TYPE OF FOOD:                    Mexican and Italian

FAVORITE LABARE MOMENT:              Seeing all the smiles in the crowd when I’m doing my act and  knowing that they are having a great time!

Randy Master Blaster Ricks

Randy is one of the most renowned male entertainers in the industry today. Having danced at LaBare since 1979 and still going strong, Randy is in the Guinness Book of World Records as holding the record for being the longest tenured male dancer in the world. Randy lives with and takes care of his mother aka “The Champ,” Marylou, who is his chief nutritionist and cheerleader. She has yet to miss one of her son’s grand birthday celebrations at the club. Besides his dancing, Randy also owns a gym and is a personal trainer. He has many success stories over the years and is known to be quite a hard ass in the session.   He loves the outdoors and loves the warm spring and summer Dallas weather. He simply cannot understand the allure of living in the Northeast or taking a skiing vacation. You’ll find him on a beach somewhere. And don’t be surprised if you find him on that beach reading Tom Sawyer, his favorite book from childhood, and still a favorite today. As a matter of fact, he can quote from it on occasion. Also an avid dog lover, Randy has his German shepherd companion, Andy, around him at all times.

Randy is known as “205 pounds of twisted steel and sex appeal “ because of his beautiful body and sultry good looks, especially those eyes. Oh those eyes!

Often imitated but never duplicated, Randy is every girl’s dream. Still making it happen after 35 years is quite an accomplishment.

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