Nick’s Features

Height:  5’11
Weight: 200
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Deep Ocean Blue
Best Feature: My hygiene, I ALWAYS smell good.

Sexiest Part on a Woman: Her smile, a woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.

Turn ons: The fastest way to my heart is through my stomach, so a woman who can cook is at the top of my list. Sundresses drive me crazy – sexy, yet conservative. Athletic women drive me up the wall. Nothing better than seeing a girl in the gym doing squats, it’s hard for me to avert my eyes. Although, intelligence is just as important as athleticism.

Turn offs: Women who are judgemental, lazy, shy, act like bimbos, and have no back bone.

Hobbies: Reading, country dancing, football, I do private wrestling lessons, sand volleyball. I’m a personal trainer and I fix houses in the mean time.

Ambition: Right now, my ambition is to save $100,000 and buy a house to restore and sell it. Eventually, I want to get into real estate.

Favorite Type of Food: I love every type of food but I LOVE Chipotle and Pho.

Favorite LaBare Moment: Every Saturday during primetime – there’s nothing like coming out on stage to hundreds of women screaming your name, it’s intoxicating.


Nick’s Biography

I am a Nick Rodius and I was born in Tacoma, WA and I lived in a small town on the foot hills of Mt. Rainier. I have a twin brother and sister but they were basically grown up and out of the house by the time I was able to walk. I have never met my father, so my mother had to play both roles as I grew up, I couldn’t imagine how hard it would be to raise a hellion like me being a single mom but she did and I owe that woman my life for doing the fantastic way she did. I spent most of my adolescent life in Arlington, TX where I attended Arlington High School. I graduated magna cum laude at the top of my class. I went on to wrestle and attend college in Kansas, but unfortunately due to my mother becoming ill, I decided to come back to Texas to stay with her. I began my basics at TCC in hopes in becoming a Murse (male nurse) or a fireman. But ultimately, ended up getting a high end desk job with a Fortune 500 company. As much potential as I had with that job, I’m too ADD and free spirited to sit in a cubicle. So I ended up quitting and started doing roofing and construction for a short time until I was told about a shot guy position at LaBare. It was a joke between all my friends in high school that I was most likely to become a “male stripper” since I was always dancing and never had a shirt on. I never thought I would actually work at LaBare until it fell in my lap. I started out as the shot guy on February 1st of this year, I was good at what I did and I won amateur night a couple of weeks in row so they hired me on and here I am now. I couldn’t imagine a better job, I get to work with a bunch of guys who have the same ambition and drive that I do. We are a huge family, and since my family lives 2,500 miles away, it’s nice to have some close to home.


We asked Nick 10 Random Questions and Here is What He Answered:

What is your favorite summer activity?
Being at the beach or pool. Less clothing and beautiful women everywhere

If you could be any flavor of ice cream what ice cream flavor would you be and why?
Rocky Road; its thick, a little nutty like me and full of surprises

What is your dream job?
I have it. I love to dance, act and please women. Doesn’t get better than that

What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame?
Multiply it until I had enough money and influence in the industry to help my peers, family and friends who stood by me through everything

Describe the perfect kiss in 3 words:
Passionate, sensual, addictive

What celebrity annoys you the most?
Paris Hilton. She possesses everything quality that women should NOT have

If you could get a yacht what would you call it? Why?
“sex sea” …do I really have to explain why?

What TV sitcom family would you be a member of?
The Reality TV show “LaBare” (Coming Soon)

What store do you shop at the most?
A tie between Buckle and the grocery store

What supply in your house is running low?
Socks; my roommate’s dogs eat my socks constantly. They can reach through the holes in my hamper and pull on my dirty socks, it’s ridiculous

First thing you notice about a woman:
Her smile and teeth

Which of the presidents was your favorite?
Kennedy; handsome, witty, playboy, and he had an affair with Marilyn Monroe

What is your favorite Halloween costume?
Adam and Eve; all I have to do is wear a leaf

What is your best feature?
My witty humor

What is your favorite song?

What is one food you wouldn’t give up?

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