Dancer Reunion 2018

Every year, we pay tribute to the entertainers past and present that have made LaBare the premier destination for ladies since 1978! This year, we’re also celebrating our 40th anniversary!!
Join us in celebrating with our fantastic former entertainers!
For special events, the minimum for a reservation is a 4 seat table with a bottle of Champagne for $68.50. For more than 4 guests, multiple tables or a regular party package is required.
Guarantee / Cancellation Policy: A credit card is required to guarantee a reservation, but is not charged in advance. You may pay for your reservation either by card or with cash. Cancellations must occur no later than the day before to avoid a cancellation fee. Same day cancellations and No Shows incur a 20% cancellation fee (e.g. – $150 package = $30 cancellation fee)


  Place :   LaBare Dallas

  Date :   September 21, 2018