Jay’s Features

Height: 5’10
Weight: 210
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Best feature: subjective

Sexiest part of a woman: legs, lips, feet

Turn ons: the perfect combination of confidence and insecurity

Turn offs: lacking sense of humor

Hobbies: bodybuilding, writing, personal training, long boarding, being daddy

Ambition: career wise I plan to be an attorney specializing in contract negotiation. All in all I want to be in a position to be an anchor for my daughter; financially, morally, and spiritually secured.

Favorite type of food: French fries and cake

Favorite Labare moment: every night!!


We asked Jay 10 Random Questions and Here is What He Answered:

Who do you admire most?
Walt Disney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kai Green, my Father

What is your dream job?
Circus monkey trainer

What celebrity annoys you most?

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
10 min to shower/brush teeth combo, rubber band around the locs, smell good and go!

What supply in your house is running low?
Rice cakes, always.

What compliment do people give you most?
My stress free/positive approach to life.

If your plane was about to crash, who would you want sitting next to you?
The big flying dog thing from the never ending story…. Win!!!!

What advice did you get that was the most rewarding?
“Ego is not a bad thing if it is used as the fuel one burns in the middle of the night to light the fires of ambition. It is the feeling that makes you feel inferior and motivates you to reach higher and higher”.

If you could add one person to Mount Rushmore who would it be?
Bob Marley

If you had a time machine, where and when would you go?
I would go back to my time in the marine corps. Though I thrived and excelled in the environment. There are just a few key things I would have done differently.

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