JD’s Features

Height: 6′
Weight: 200
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Best Feature: Abs

Sexiest Part on a Woman: Her Legs

Turn ons: Funny personality

Turn offs: Body Odor

Hobbies: Water sports travelling

Ambition: To own a restaurant chain

Favorite Type of Food: Burgers

Favorite LaBare Moment: Movie premiere at Sundance in Park Cities, Ut

JD’s Biography

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We asked JD 10 Random Questions and Here is What He Answered:

What is your favorite summer activity?
Water skiing

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

If you could get yourself anything, what would you get?
Perfect Credit

When I dance, I look like?
A tree stump

If you could get a yacht, what would you name it?
Grace (my daughter’s name)

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do?
Ski in the Alps

What have you done that you’re most proud of?
Mentored a kid out of a gang. He’s now an electrician and father of 2

If you could change one thing about your looks, what would it be?
Perfect teeth

What is the thing you’re most afraid of?

If you could teleport, where would you go?
Egypt, where I grew up.