Brandon’s Bio:

Brandon Byers is a La Bare veteran and one of it’s most premier entertainers. Standing six feet tall, his chiseled body would make any girl drool. With high cheek bones, and a charming smile, it’s no wonder he was one of Chippendale’s most sought after calendar models. But don’t let his good looks fool you. He’s a little shy at first, however once you get to know him, he’s intellectual with a humorous personality and a soft spot for people.

Born on an Army base in North Carolina, Brandon inherits his exotic features from his Korean mother and southern gentlemanly attitude from his career-military father. Moving to Fort Worth at less than a year old, Brandon is no stranger to Texas. After a few years, his family moved to East Texas where Brandon became the extraordinary man he is today. With a gentle heart and desire to inspire others, it’s no wonder Brandon’s favorite part of working at La Bare is making others smile.

After graduating high school, Brandon was deterred from entering the military like his father when he received a full collegiate academic scholarship. On top of working full time, Brandon spent the next several years applying himself towards a degree in Kinesiology.

With only a semester of classes left, he found himself dancing at La Bare. Brandon was quickly spotted by Chippendale’s, and after turning them down twice, he finally agreed to join their U.S. tour cast. While there, he quickly rose to be one of their top entertainers and featured calendar model. While at Chippendale’s Brandon performed in nearly every state west of the Mississippi river including all four provinces of Canada. Some of his favorite locations were in California, where he spent time relaxing on the beach before performing.

After four years with Chippendale’s, Brandon made his welcomed return to the stages of La Bare, Dallas. Now, not only is he one of the top entertainers at La Bare, but in the world. Brandon is known for his high-energy and world-class stage presence.

If you’re not in love yet—you will be. Brandon’s love of animals started young, with his family having a small farm. Now he lives in Frisco, Texas where he has a German Sheppard and a blue ribbon Pit-bull. He loves Italian food, especially pizza, and is a phenomenal cook himself. When around the house, Brandon says “less is best,” but you won’t catch him out in public like that. With a love for fashion, especially watches, he never fails to impress.

Brandon appreciates good company over anything else. He enjoys riding his motorcycle, paintballing or watching football with his friends. The Dallas, Cowboys are his favorite team, and he goes to see them at least two or three times every year.

For his future Brandon wants to finish his Kinesiology degree and go to physical therapy school. His favorite subjects are anatomy and physiology and biology. In the next few years Brandon would also like to travel to Italy and France.

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